Autumn Activities

Embrace the enchanting autumn hues around Haus Monica in Bavaria. As nature dons its golden attire, our hotel becomes a cozy haven for fall enthusiasts. Wander through vibrant forests, savor the crisp air on scenic walks, and indulge in the seasonal charm. Haus Monica, surrounded by the Bavarian beauty, offers a tranquil retreat for those seeking the magic of autumn in every leaf that gracefully descends.

Bavarian Forest Getaway: Exploring Nature on Foot

    Hiking enthusiasts abound globally, yet not every destination offers visually captivating trails. The dream of every hiker comes true in the Bavarian Forest, thanks to an extensive network of routes spanning its mountains. Against a breathtaking backdrop, with luck extending visibility to the Alps, hiking becomes a joy during your holiday. Ideal for the classic backpacker, setting out from their hotel, seeking only the best weather and the soothing sounds of nature.

Bodenmais: Unthinkable Without the Joy of Hiking

    No Bodenmais vacation is complete without an extensive day hike. To keep the destination in view and mind, GPS devices offer orientation, just as they do for cycling. With a plethora of trails, even hiking experts utilize this technological revolution to explore unknown routes. GPS devices provide a sense of security, ensuring a safe return to the hotel before dusk. They also aid in finding ideal stopovers, allowing for well-planned journeys from start to lunch and finally to the end. Many routes have been tested, and guided tours are also available.