Activities around Bodenmais

    Perched atop the Arber or delving deep into the mountains through the visitor mine, delicate craftsmanship along the Glasstraße in the crystal adventure worlds, or whimsical moments on the lizard hill in the untamed garden. Experience the thrill of the present on the summer toboggan run or immerse yourself in the lively past at the farmhouse museum.

    Surrounding Haus Monica, a myriad of diverse excursion destinations beckon throughout the year. Catering to every taste and perfect for all ages, these attractions offer an ideal complement to your holiday mood. Discover enchanting parks, traverse unique paths through the Bavarian Forest, explore captivating museums, and encounter extraordinary attractions in and around Haus Monica. Let the surroundings inspire you!

    For more recommendations on excursion destinations near Haus Monica, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to assist you!


Großer Arber

At 1,456 meters, the Großer Arber is the highest mountain in the Bavarian-Bohemian mountain range and is therefore also called the “King of the Bavarian Forest”.

Silberberg - local mountain of Bodenmais

The Silberberg offer many hiking trails all year round.


The Lusen, at 1373 meters, is among the Bavarian Forest’s top six highest peaks, a favored hiking spot in the national park.


World Art Museum Altrandsberg Castle

The Weltkunst Museum is an architectural gem dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries.

Animal Museum Pfeifer in Regenhüte

One of the largest private animal museums in Europe where you can admire 5,000 species of animals.

Farmhouse Museum Lindenberg

The Farmhouse Museum in Lindberg is an open-air museum that was opened in 1975 – exactly 400 years after the first documentary mention of the Hofstelle.


Treetop Path Bavarian Forest

The true highlight, quite literally, is the 44-meter-high treetop tower along the Treetop Path Bavarian Forest in Neuschönau.

Glass Road & Crystal Adventure World

Crystal clear: The Kristall-Erlebniswelten and Glasstraße are captivating attractions in the Bodenmais region, promising an exciting and memorable experience.

Silver Mine Bodenmais

In the past, diligent labor shaped this place—today, it stands as a marvel. The former Silber- und Vitriobergwerk, mentioned as early as 1313, has transformed into a visitor mine.

Bodenmais Through the Seasons