Spring Activities

As the first rays of spring sunshine slowly warm our hearts, the Bavarian Forest reveals its diverse facets, mirroring the unique offerings at Haus Monica. As you anticipate the longer days, our cozy rooms become your haven, providing simplicity and comfort. Explore the upcoming page dedicated to spring activities and let the essence of the season unfold during your stay at Haus Monica, where our focus remains solely on offering a peaceful retreat for your enjoyment.

Nordic Walking

    Explore Bodenmais’ Nordic walking trails, seamlessly blending fitness and nature. With well-marked paths in the Bavarian Forest, enjoy picturesque landscapes and a full-body workout. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned walker, Bodenmais caters to all fitness levels, offering invigorating Nordic walking experiences. Energize yourself amidst nature’s beauty with our diverse trails, ensuring a fulfilling adventure in Bodenmais.

Hiking on Large & Small Arber Mountain

    Undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking experiences is the hike from the Rißloch waterfalls to the summit of Großer Arber. The Rißloch waterfalls, the largest in the Bavarian Forest, are a captivating spectacle alone, boasting a drop of around one hundred meters. The water cascades vividly through the rocks in a series of captivating cascades, making it a must-visit highlight in the Arber region.