Summer Activities

Discover the summer wonders around Haus Monica in Bavaria. Nestled in the heart of nature, our hotel offers a serene retreat. Explore scenic hiking trails, embrace the thrill of mountain biking, or simply unwind amidst the lush surroundings. With lakes for water activities and charming villages to explore, Haus Monica provides an idyllic base for a refreshing and rejuvenating summer escape in beautiful Bavaria.

MTB in the Bavarian Forest

    Explore cycling in the Bavarian Forest! From scenic valley routes to challenging mountain trails, our region offers diverse paths for cyclists and mountain bikers. Discover well-marked trails and the exciting bike park at Geisskopf. Popular routes like the Zellertaler cycle path, with 37 wooden sculptures, blend culture and fitness. For dynamic fun, Geiskopf’s bike park challenges outdoor enthusiasts and downhill specialists. Saddle up for an exhilarating adventure!

Bodenmais Summer Slide

    Summer toboggan runs in the Bavarian Forest are a warm-weather delight, and the Silberberg run in Bodenmais takes the excitement to new heights with its 600-meter track. Drawing winter sledding enthusiasts, this attraction offers a thrilling experience for both independent riders, who can set their own pace without constant braking, and those seeking a leisurely descent with a child. Each curve and straight stretch on the Silberberg promises to inspire and entertain.

Climbing in Bodenmais

    Embrace crawling and climbing adventures near Haus Monica, exploring rocks like “smoke tubes” at Kaitersberg or “Teufelstisch” near Mitterfels. Test your skills at unique spots like Deggendorf, Ruderting, the climbing forest near Waldkirchen, “Kletterpark Altreichenau” near Neureichenau, “Aussichtsturm Kadernberg” near Schönberg, or indoor climbing at Sportpark Reutmühle in Waldkirchen. Endless adventure awaits!